Doesn’t everyone like to start off the new year better than the previous one? You know what we are talking about? Almost all of us have them.. Stop smoking, going to the gym, start recycling, loose some weight, pick up that one special project… That’s right: New Years resolutions!

January traditionally is filled with them, that is why we are focussing this month on sustainability and being a bit nicer to this big green and blue globe we live on.

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Our brand new webshop is LIVE : 4YOURNETWORK

Important news: We’re not changing our name this time…

but we kind of are!

Two and a half years ago we changed our name to EmXcore which we all know and love today. But things are about to get shaken up again! As a company and as individuals, we are always looking to make improvements to ensure that you can get the best possible service and products.

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Now offering additional services!

Physically moving servers and network gear, closing buildings, traveling and opening new locations is more complicated in the COVID-19 world. Luckily a lot can be done remotely but not every job can be done from a distance.. Many of our customers were not able to install and travel to their data centers to install or upgrade their network equipment during the pandemic.

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