Some of the most frequently asked questions!

What warranty do you give?

We give all our customers a one year warranty.

Do you keep stock?

Yes we do! We are actually have one of the biggest stock of refurbished Juniper and Arista

What is the difference between used and refurbished?

The biggest difference between used and refurbished is the fact that refurbished products have been tested to make sure they work properly, while used products come directly from the previous owner without any testing and/or cosmetic enhancements.

Do I need a license for Juniper EX switch?

Most of the EX switches are offering full set of L2 and L3 capabilities as part of the base software but to enable some extra features one must install separate licenses.

Which licenses are there for the Juniper EX-series?

There are three different licenses for the Juniper EX serie, EFL, AFL and MACSec. we have more in-dept info in one of our blogs!

Is software included in the QFX5100?

With the QFX5100 the basic Junos software is included. Additional software is only necessary in case full layer 3 or MPLS functionality is needed. 

Do I need a license for MPLS on the QFX5100?

Yes, you will need the advanced license for this.

Do I need a license for VXLAN on the QFX5100?

Yes, you will need a license to do this.

Is it also possible to lease refurbished equipment?

Yes this is definitely possible! Check out more info in our blog.

Is software included in the QFX5200?

Not all of the QFX5200 switches are without JUNOS. The QFX5200-48Y is equipped with a basic JUNOS operating system. The high-end QFX5200-32C switches come without basic JUNOS software.