Juniper MX10008

The Juniper MX10008 provides performance that scales with services, a cloud optimization form factor, and superior cost-per-bit economics. It offers unprecedented use-case versatility across WAN, data center, and enterprise deployments by standardizing operations, resulting in 65 percent OpEx savings.

The MX10008 can be deployed to build out edge architecture for converged mobility, IoT, businesses, and cable environments. It can also be used in converged core architectures, optimizing the label-switching router (LSR), provider edge, Internet peering, and backbone applications for national or regional deployments.

Powered by purpose-built Trio silicon, the MX10008 scales to 19.2 Tbps of throughput, delivering the capacity you need for long-term investment protection. It also has near endless data plane programmability, giving you the freedom to implement any new network innovation the future holds.

Part number Description
Manufacurer Part Number Description
MX10008-BASE MX10008 8-slot chassis [JNP10008]. Includes 1 RE, 3 power supplies, 2 fan trays, 2 fan tray controllers, and 5 Switch Fabric cards.
MX10008-PREMIUM MX10008 redundant 8-slot chassis [JNP10008]. Includes 2 REs, 6 power supplies, 2 fan trays, 2 fan tray controllers, and 6 Switch Fabric cards
JNP10K-RE1-BB MX10000/JNP10000 REx10, base bundle
JNP10K-RE1-R MX10000/JNP10000 REx10, redundant
JNP10K-RE1 MX10000/JNP10000 REx10
JNP10008-SF-BB MX10008/JNP10008 Switch Fabric card, base bundle
JNP10008-SF-R MX10008/JNP10008 Switch Fabric card, redundant
JNP10008-SF MX10008/JNP10008 Switch Fabric card
MX10K-LC2101 24x100GbE/24x40GbE line card [JNP10KLC2101]
MX10K-LC2101-IR 24x100GbE/24x40GbE line card [JNP10KLC2101], IR mode
MX10K-LC2101-R 24x100GbE/24x40GbE line card [JNP10KLC2101], R mode
JNP10008-FAN MX10008/JNP10008 fan
JNP10008-FAN-CTRL MX10008/JNP10008 fan tray controller
JNP10K-PWR-AC-BB MX10000/JNP10000 2700 W AC power supply base bundle
JNP10K-PWR-AC-R MX10000/JNP10000 2700 W AC powersupply redundant
JNP10K-PWR-AC MX10000/JNP10000 2700 W AC power supply
JNP10K-PWR-DC-BB MX10000/JNP10000 2500 W DC power supply, base bundle
JNP10K-PWR-DC-R MX10000/JNP10000 2500 W DC powersupply, redundant
JNP10K-PWR-DC MX10000/JNP10000 2500 W DC power supply
JNP10008-FRPNL-BB MX10008/JNP10008 front panel, base bundle
JNP10008-FRNT-PNL MX10008/JNP10008 front panel
JNP10008-FRPNL1-BB MX10008/JNP10008  front panel with filter, base bundle
JNP10008-FRPNL1 MX10008/JNP10008 front panel with filter